Why KarmaWallet?

KarmaWallet is an impact platform driven by world-class data. It’s designed to help businesses improve and enhance their ESR1 score. Through our exclusive web portal (and upcoming app), you’ll be able to:

How It Works

KarmaWallet is the first platform to create a standardized measure of positive impact — in
other words, we help people spend their money in a way that reflects their values.

Our Story

At the end of 2019, Kedar approached his father, Jayant, with a hypothesis: if people are given the right information, then they’ll choose to shop with brands that are making the world a better place over ones that aren’t.

With this in mind, they began developing tools to make doing the right thing easy — ways to help people easily identify ethical and sustainable companies, and then quantify the positive impact of their purchases.

Our mission? To create a healthier, happier, and more sustainable future for all.

Jayant has been a part of five start-ups, co-founded two of them, and is an active mentor and investor in several more. He serves as a board advisor to TOPL and as a senior advisor to Sandbox Industries’ InsurTech fund.

Kedar Karkare’s passion to do good in the world is matched by his singular devotion to data-driven innovation. Having recently earned a Ph.D. in Biology, Kedar is currently living in Houston, Texas.

Entrepreneurial, Startup and Business Operations Expertise
Jayant Khadilkar

Co-founder of 2 startups – 1 exit, worked for 3 other startups

Active investor in several startup companies and advisor to few of those

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Kedar Karkare, PhD

Data Scientist @ Mercury Data Science

Intelligence Unit @ CB Insights

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Naoshi Yamauchi

Former CEO @ Brooks Bell

Worked with Microsoft, American Express, Barnes & Noble, Comcast, Uber, FedEx, Gap, SunTrust, Under Armour

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Carla Vernon

President, Natural & Organic Unit @ General Mills

Board Trustee @ Princeton University

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Kara Owens

Expert in cyber security and privacy risk, board observer at cyber security startup

On the board of Association of Insurance Professional Women

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Stuart Take

Over 30 years of start-up, transaction, and operating experience throughout Asia, Latin America, and North America

Significant public and private company board / governance experience

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Allison Parker-Lagoo

Communications consultant and policy advocate for mission-driven work.

Experienced in coalition-building for multi-issue platforms.

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Kate Andersen

10 years of experience in digital, start-up environments.

Motivated by turning complex issues into compelling, engaging stories

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Ashley Harrington

Expereinced in brand,logo, and information design.

Has a passion for creating an optimal user experience through clean consistent design that puts the customers needs first.

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Make it easy for you and your team to do the right thing
— It’s a win-win for the world.